Preclinical Human Model

In a close partnership, Immuneed and CTC offer a total solution for the preclinical and clinical characterisation of your candidate drug.

Our unique approach provides early safety and effect data for a reliable risk assessment, optimised study design and a potential effect outcome of first-in-human (FIH) trials.

We combine the services of an advanced laboratory for ex-vivo analysis of biotherapeutics with a hospital-based clinical research unit dedicated to early clinical studies. Fresh human blood donated by healthy volunteers and patients circulate in a physiologically relevant test environment – the preclinical human model.

First-in-human trials performed by CTC using Immuneed´s test systems provide best-in-class risk mitigation. The safety of the research subjects always comes first.


  • Obtain information on the mechanism of action and other properties of your candidate drug
  • Minimise the risk of first-infusion immunological reactions
  • Ideal for drugs lacking a suitable animal model
  • Effect measurements already in your FIH trial
  • Instant, cost and time effective analysis enabled by the laboratory´s proximity to the clinical research unit
  • No roundabouts – all expertise under the same roof


Preclinical human model

We provide our customers with cost-effective advice, conduct and reporting of clinical trials.