Subject Recruitment

Flexible advertising solutions, together with our own patient database and recruitment team makes subject recruitment faster and less costly.

Our in-house Recruitment team consisting of Recruiters, a Recruitment/Screening Manager and a Marketing Manager who are responsible for the timely recruitment of study participants.

A flexible advertisement strategy, combined with our own GDPR compliant recruitment database comprising more than +20 000 healthy volunteers and patients (, enables our Recruitment team to identify eligible subjects rapidly and at a low cost.

Based on the study design and the inclusion/exclusion criteria specified for the study, the Recruitment team will estimate the number of pre-screening subjects. They will establish a strategic recruitment and marketing plan covering all planned advertisements in local and social media, all within the budget frame, containing an action plan if recruiting needs prove to be greater than was anticipated.

All potential volunteers will be thoroughly pre-screened by the team to reduce the number of screening failures and all marketing outcomes are tracked.

The Recruitment team has experience in recruitment of both healthy volunteers and patient populations (diabetes type 2, asthma, obesity etc.) for clinical trials as well as for methodology studies.

Subject recruitment

We provide our customers with cost-effective advice, conduct and reporting of clinical trials.