Medical Advice

CTC has in-house medical experts and a network of consultant physicians who together cover most therapeutic areas.

They offer advice in various disciplines, including but not limited to intensive care, general surgery, internal medicine, gastroenterology, oncology, hematology and gynecology. All our medical doctors have formal qualifications, a specialist area of expertise and are active within academic research.

The physician group is comprised of a core team of permanently employed physicians who primarily act as primary investigators (PIs) in order to ensure study oversight and continuity and a number of temporary employed physicians who work at CTCs clinics as co-investigators and are available as PIs as per request based on their area of expertise. All PIs at CTC have undergone an in-house PI-training program and are mentored by the Chief Medical Officer.

The broad competence of the medical network ensures a high quality of care and enables CTC to offer a variety of special procedures to be performed at the clinics if such procedures are stipulated by the study protocol, such as ultrasound examinations, lumbal punctions and biopsies. We can also provide medical advice prior to, as well as during, protocol development and give input on safety and study specific assessments, enrollment criteria, the current healthcare landscape, standard of care and other medical aspects imperative to protocol development. Making correct assumptions already in the planning phase helps identify the right study population, improves data quality, and increases the chance of meeting set timelines.

Medical advice

We provide our customers with cost-effective advice, conduct and reporting of clinical trials.