Our Biometrics team consists of eCRF Managers, Statistical Programmers, Pharmacokineticists and Biostatisticians and will guide you from study design to report. 

Prior to study start, our Biostatisticians assist with selection of endpoints and sample size calculations to ensure that your study meets the target. They write or review the statistical sections of the study protocol with the aim of optimising the study design. Read more about our biostatistical services. 

Our professional eCRF Managers will create a fit-for-purpose eCRF that reflects the study protocol and that allows for collection of reliable data for primary and secondary endpoints. As a flexible and cost-effective partner, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality data in a timely manner. Read more about our eCRF and data management services. 

During the study, our eCRF Designers and Statistical Programmers work with high efficiency in assignments covering all aspects of Data Management – from eCRF design to database-lock and documentation. The Biometrics team also perform randomisations and interim analyses. Read more about our statistical programming services. 

After the study, our Statistical Programmers will display the data in tables, figures and listings as outlined in the statistical analysis plan (SAP) while our Biostatisticians and Pharmacokineticists take part in data analysis and writing of clinical study reports in accordance with agreed timelines.  Read more about our pharmacokinetic services. 

 Eva Jacobsson, Director Biometrics

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