CTC Site Network

In contrast to many other CROs, CTC performs clinical conduct at our own clinical research units – the CTC Site Network – with our own Investigators, Research Nurses and Laboratory personnel. 

Our clinics, located in Uppsala, Stockholm and Linköping, have all the equipment, infrastructure and experienced personnel needed for efficient clinical conduct of Phase 0 to Phase IV studies as well as medical device investigations. Besides having access to our own qualified and professional on-site staff, we collaborate with specialists in most therapeutic areas and thus reach many different patient groups. 

The five state-of-the-art clinical research units, all with overnight capacity, comprise one First-in-Human (FIH) unit at Uppsala University hospital and four Phase 0-IV clinics:  

CTC Akademiska, Uppsala: 
Our 12-bed, FIH unit, Akademiska, is perfectly located adjacent to the ICU, PET-centre and MRI-facilities at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden. 

Safety always comes first when planning, managing and running a FIH study. CTC has experience in setting up adaptive FIH umbrella protocols including single and multiple ascending dose cohorts, food and drug-drug interaction parts, and patient cohorts. We conduct approximately five FIH studies each year. Being a certified site for early precision QT-assessments (EPQT), we may incorporate this service into your FIH study and provide the possibility for a TQT waiver. 

CTC Oscar, Uppsala: 
This unit has 24 beds and is, together with CTC’s head office, located next to the Uppsala University hospital. At this research unit we offer Phase 0-IV studies, for example bioavailability and proof-of-concept studies. 

CTC Karolinska, Stockholm: 
This unit is located within the Karolinska University Hospital area and has 8 beds for conduct of phase I-IV trials. At this site we have a mix of online staff for virtual visits, site staff for on-site visits as well as home care staff. 

CTC MTC, Uppsala: 
This unit is located in proximity to Uppsala University Hospital. With 4 beds, it is perfectly fitted for multi-centre trials conducted on-site or with a hybrid or virtual design.  

CTC Ebbepark, Linköping 
Our newest clinic in Linköping with 4 beds is perfectly fitted for multi-centre trials conducted on-site or with a hybrid or virtual design.  

Besides studies conducted by our in-house physicians, CTC’s Site Network also facilitates the conduct of clinical trials with external Principal Investigators who are given access to all benefits of using a professional research site with established systems and procedures – the ClinSmart Concept. Our team of Research Nurses assist with logistics, administration, patient recruitment and clinical conduct. 

In addition to our well-educated and qualified Research Nurses, Physicians and Laboratory personnel, we also have our own Recruitment team that constantly work with renewing our own healthy volunteer and patient database, supporting our Site Network as well as studies conducted at external clinics. A thorough pre-screening process minimises screening failures. 

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