Aerosol Exposure System

The PreciseInhale® laboratory system, developed by Inhalation Sciences, is intended to administer test drug substances by producing exact amounts of inhalable aerosols derived from a clinical inhaler and to deposit these exact doses to specific regions of the lung without major throat deposition.

The system has the potential to enable the pharma industry to generate predictive end-to-end data based on the same research instrument throughout the whole drug development process, from preclinical to clinical testing, reducing the risk for translational errors. The aerosol itself can be generated from minimal amounts of API, which makes PreciseInhale® suitable for early phase clinical trials.

In 2021, CTC was contracted by Inhalation Sciences to perform a clinical investigation with the aim to demonstrate that aerosol dosing with PreciseInhale® provides greater precision and control than dosing carried out with a standard commercial inhaler and that PreciseInhale® enables regional lung targeting. Twelve healthy volunteers were enrolled and two doses of standard asthma medicine were delivered directly from a standard commercial inhaler and via PreciseInhale®. The results were in line with a predicted higher accuracy of the dose delivered via PreciseInhale® and showed that PreciseInhale® made it possible to direct the dosage to different regions of the lung

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