Clinical Research Units

In contrast to many other CROs, CTC provides in-house clinical conduct. Our clinical research units are truly the core of our company.

Our facilities consist of state-of-the-art, fully equipped units; a hospital-based First-in-Human unit at Uppsala University hospital and three phase I-IV clinics in Uppsala and Stockholm.

CTC Akademiska:
Our 12-bed, First-in-Human unit, Akademiska, is perfectly located adjacent to the ICU, PET-centre and MRI-facilities at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden.

Safety always comes first when planning, managing and running a First-in-Human study. CTC has experience in setting up adaptive FIH umbrella protocols including single and multiple ascending dose cohorts, food and drug-drug interaction parts, and patient cohorts. Regardless of the complexity of the study, safety is always a key focus. We conduct approximately five FIH studies a year.

Being a certified ERT-site for expert precision QT-assessments (EPQT), we may incorporate this service into your FIH study and provide the possibility for a TQT waiver.

As part of our FIH package we provide in-vitro risk assessment of immunological reactions, cytokine release and complement activation in a closed whole blood-loop system, in close collaboration with Immuneed AB.

Since CTC was founded in 2011, our company has been expanding rapidly but holistic. During the last couple of years, CTC has been putting more focus into phase II-IV clinical trials while keeping the leading position in early phase clinical trials in Sweden.

Site Networking is a concept developed to facilitate the planning and conduct of Phase I-IV clinical trials where external or internal principal investigators may conduct studies at CTC using our systems and procedures. Our professional team of Research Nurses assist with logistics, administration, patient recruitment and clinical conduct. Our sites located in Uppsala and Stockholm has all the equipment, infrastructure and experienced personnel needed to effectively support the study team. Besides our own qualified and professional on-site staff we collaborate with specialists in all different areas, to be able to conduct studies in all diagnosis and on all types of medical devices.

CTC Oscar:
This unit has 24 beds and is located, together with CTC’s head office, next to the Uppsala University hospital. At this research unit we offer Phase 0-IV studies, for example bioavailability and proof-of-concept studies.

CTC Karolinska:
This unit is located within the Karolinska University Hospital area and has 8 beds for conduct of phase I-IV trials. At this site we have a mix of online staff for virtual visits, site staff for on-site visits as well as home care staff.

Our newest clinic in Uppsala Science park is perfectly fitted for multi-center phase I-IV trials, preferably with a hybrid or virtual solution. This makes the conduct of clinical studies easier and contributes to faster and more cost-effective development of new treatments for the healthcare of the future.

Our educated and qualified staff consisting of Research Nurses, Physicians and Laboratory personnel constitute the heart of the clinics. We also have our own Recruitment team that constantly work with renewing our own healthy volunteer and patient database, supporting our Clinical Research Units as well as studies conducted at external clinics. As part of our recruitment, we also have a thorough pre-screening process to minimise screening failures.

Sandra Gunnarsson, Director Clinical Research Units

Malin Selin, Director CTC ClinSmart

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