Virtual Studies

CTC offers the possibility to conduct virtual studies based on electronic solutions. Our first virtual study started in January 2018, and during this study, no physical visits to the clinic were conducted. Instead, the screening visit with the physician and all subsequent check-ups by study nurses were conducted through video calls. During the virtual screening visit, the investigator informed the patient about the study, asked questions about medical history and decided if the person could be included in the study or not. Signing of the informed consent form was done using the web-based identity verification tool Bank ID.

CTC has the experience performing virtual studies.

Performing remote clinical studies using digital technology creates the opportunity for a larger number of people to participate, as study sites can recruit people from all over Sweden. Above all, virtual visits are convenient for the study participants since they do not need to come to the clinic.

Our first virtual study did not involve any blood sampling or physical examination, and the study product was not classified as an investigational medicinal product (IMP), which made the study especially suitable for completion through the web. As web-based visits are a cost- and time-effective solution, we at CTC see virtual studies, of which all or only a subset of the visits is conducted through the web, as an exciting future opportunity.