Customer Relations

In a first meeting with a client our operationally involved Customer Relations team aim for a transparent, scientific and productive discussion. From the start of protocol writing to final reporting, our committed, multi-disciplinary team will provide professional services to you as a client.

”We believe in a transparent and productive first meeting”

To send a request for proposal or if you are interested in meeting us to discuss your upcoming study, please fill in the form in the bottom or email the below.

Anders Millerhovf
Chief Executive Officer

Bengt Dahlström
Chief Scientific Officer/Pharmacokineticist

15+ years of clinical research experience including
project management and management positions.
MSc in medical biology, BSc nursing.
+46 (0)76-833 98 88

40+ years of experience from leading positions
in pharmaceutical companies and CRO:s. Assoc. prof in pharmacokinetics and drug therapy.
+46 (0)70-810 85 87

Sandra Kuusk
Deputy Chief Scientific Officer/Medical Writer

10+ years of clinical research experience including
project management, medical writing and management. PhD in biology.
+46 (0)70-330 42 74

Fredrik Hansson
Chief Commercial Officer/Biostatistician

30+ years of clinical research experience
including biometrics services and senior management. MSc in statistics.
+46 (0)72-193 55 01

Charlotte Ersson
Manager Customer Relations

20 years of clinical research experience including project management, clinical work, study coordination and management. MSc in nursing.
+46 (0)76-868 16 61

Jenny Högblad
Marketing Manager

Experience in marketing, science journalism, social media and photography. BSc in biomedicine and certified in journalism and drug development.
+46 (0)76-868 06 69

Kristofer Katkits
Director Customer Relations

10+ years of experience within Clinical Operations, phase IIa-IV, and Business Development. MSc in medical biology and an unfinished bachelor as a biomedical analyst.
+46 (0)70-330 21 49

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