Tissue Projects

CTC offers fast and cost-effective conduct of studies with human tissues. We have a GDPR compliant database with both patient populations (allergy, diabetes type 1 and 2, hyperlipidaemia etc.) and healthy volunteers that are willing to participate in trials and to donate different tissues for science. CTC has a dedicated Tissue Coordinator, who are specialised in these types of projects. If needed due to regulations, the Tissue Coordinator handles the application to the ethical authorities. 

Our in-house clinical staff have wide clinical expertise and long experience from both healthcare and clinical trials. We also have an experienced Recruitment Team who are experts in finding the right donors according to the project plan/protocol. 

We have a close connection to laboratories around our CTC Site Network in Uppsala and Stockholm. For example, our sister company Lablytica is a GLP certified bioanalysis company in Uppsala. 

Whether you need human samples for science, product development or validation of an instrument/method we can offer you the different types of human tissues needed for your project. 









Other tissues

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