Pathway to Clinic

Together, Recipharm and CTC will guide you from formulation development to clinical supply manufacturing as well as trial management and conduct.

Through our Pathway to clinic offering we take responsibility for your full phase I requirements. To support you in getting your product successfully through phase I as safe and cost-effective as possible, Recipharm and CTC have formed a close partnership.

With CTC’s expertise in conducting hospital-based early phase clinical trials and Recipharm’s high-quality support and services in formulation development and manufacturing we pioneer new routes to achieve your first-in-human milestone. We offer a complete solution to reduce the complexity of your phase I study. Together, we help you meet deadlines and build value in your clinical data, without unnecessary steps.

Our Pathway to Clinic services include:

  • Formulation development
  • GMP manufacturing
  • Full service Phase I clinical trial management and conduct
  • Fast turn-around bioanalysis for safety review committee meetings and clinical trial reporting
  • Data evaluation

With our ambition to be your first-in-human partner our priority is to reduce your risks, time and costs and deliver regulatory compliant first-in-human studies.