Book a free 2-hour consultation with CTC’s advisory board.

You will meet a team of experts in early phase clinical development and clinical pharmacology handpicked to address your specific questions and needs. The team will provide customised advice to optimise your molecule’s path from the first-in-human trial to Phase IIa with subsequent phases in mind.

The core of CTC’s advisory board consists of:

  • Bengt Dahlström, founder of CTC and senior scientific advisor
  • Johan Bylund, DMPK specialist and senior scientific advisor
  • Sandra Kuusk, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Helena Litorp, Chief Medical Officer
  • Fredrik Hansson senior statistical advisor

For each meeting, we will supplement the core team with specialists relevant for the meeting agenda. Besides our experienced in-house full-time physicians, we have access to a large pool of medical experts within various therapeutic areas LÄNK TILL MEDCIAL Experts. In addition, we have the possibility to invite experts from our siter companies within Center for Translational research: RegSmart Life Science AB, Toxicology Knowledge Team (TKT), Lablytica Life Science AB, MetaSafe Ab and RegFile AB.

Meeting output (examples)

  • Important key elements to consider before the start of your trial
  • Input on your preliminary study design
  • Estimated cost (ballpark)

Before your scheduled visit, both parts will sign a CDA to enable a transparent discussion.

Book a consultation with CTC’s advisory board